3 Aspects of Good Physical Health

Everyone knows the value of good physical health, but sometimes health is neglected especially when stress, anxiety, and depression affect you. We can build simple habits for good physical well being into our daily routine. Always remember that what we do to our body through our diet, lifestyle and exercise will reflect outwardly as we age.

1.Calories are fuel for our body.
Too many calories can result in being overweight and too few calories can mean that people are underweight. We do not want either overweight or underweight. The recommended calorie intake for women is two thousand (2,000) and for men is two thousand five hundred (2,500). Practice eating healthy food such as lean meat, vegetables, and whole grain. Read calorie labels and plan your meals ahead. Reduce your intake of processed and junk food.

2. Physical exercise strengthens our muscles, resistance, and stamina.
Follow a simple exercise routine that aims to tone muscles in your arms, legs, back, and core. Do some weight lifting on weight machines. Moving around the house is helpful too, like doing household chores, walking the dog, or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Do exercise for at least twenty minutes per day.

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
This is an age-old rule and is always taken for granted. This can be boring for some people but always think of positive consequences if we follow these tips.

a. Stay away from cigarettes and limit alcohol intake. Don’t ever think of taking controlled substances.
b. Manage your stress by talking to a family member or a friend, take a walk, listen to your playlist or do yoga and meditation.
c. Have at least seven hours of sleep at night. Remove your laptop and smartphone from beside your bed and turn off the TV and any light when you are about to sleep.
d. Have a periodic physical check-up to ensure that your body is functioning the way it should be.

Written by Stuart Bold
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