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We ALL deserve to be SuperAgers, whatever our age!

SuperAger World is a unique life, health, and longevity optimising platform –
and your key to unlocking a healthier, happier, and longer life.


A World First

We’re the world’s first global platform integrating on-line & real-life resources, all dedicated to empowering & inspiring healthy, happy and pro-active longevity and life.

A Wealth of Resources

  • Expert knowledge
  • Lifestyle content & inspiration
  • Personalised health, wellbeing & longevity planning
  • Global experts
  • Tailored Events & Experiences

Plus exclusive SuperAger deals, discounts & offers on thousands of goods, services & brands

Global SuperAger Tribe

We’re building a dynamic SuperAger Community; those choosing definition by actions & attitude, not age.

If you want:

  • A life Well Lived, as well as a Longer life
  • To optimise your health & happiness
  • And if you care about your future, that of others and our planet
Join Us

All of the above content & function is currently available via our free app (or being added soon) and we will also be adding the same content and function to our website in the near future.



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SuperAger World

Your Best Gift to Yourself for a Longer, Younger, Healthier & Happier life

Your Best Gift to Yourself starts with a simple choice; whether you want to live Healthier, Younger, Happier & Longer. In fact, you might choose just a couple of those things; most people will certainly want to live healthier and happier. There are however, undoubtedly, others who do not necessarily, for whatever reasons, wish to live a longer life right now. Even if you don’t aspire to a longer life right now, that might change, especially as you read on and become more aware of what awaits those who choose a SuperAger Life. So, let’s say for now, that you choose all of it; a longer, healthier, happier, even younger life.


Secrets to a SuperAger Life

1. Set your Attitude

Your attitude is a vital component to living a Younger, Healthier & Longer life. Attitude has been shown to be a huge driver of all of these things. Our mind and mental attitude underpin all of our active choices and our unconscious choices. They are the ground zero for our decisions, choices and actions concerning positive living, lifestyle, activity, nutrition, exercise etc. They are also the way we create justification and perceived barriers for not taking, or not following through, choices and actions that benefit us.


Top 10 Life Benefits of a SuperAger life

1. Live Younger

  • Slow the cellular process of ageing
  • Reduce risk factors for premature ageing
  • Increase levels of energy & vitality
  • Increase the appearance of greater youthfulness

2. Live Longer

The research shows that we can, at any age:

  • Increase our lifespan and longevity
  • Add years onto our lives just by adopting certain lifestyle practices
  • Reduce risk factors for premature ageing
  • Reduce risk factors for ‘all-cause’ death

There is also an immense amount of research, money and time being invested into extending life, slowing, even reversing ageing and the predictions of science for what could be ‘just around the corner’ are stunning.


Benefits of being a SuperAger

A SuperAger Life brings immense benefit in three mutually supportive ways:

  • It brings immediate benefits, to every day of your life, from the moment you begin living a SuperAger Life – at whatever age. These benefits encompass a longer, healthier (physically, mentally and emotionally), happier and more youthful life. These benefits begin from whatever age you start to live as a SuperAger – and become cumulatively stronger.
  • A SuperAger Life places you in a much stronger position to reap the rewards of the future; both ‘what’s around the corner’ and what is envisaged over the next decades. The healthier, more youthful and ‘switched on’ you are now, and as you age, the better able you’ll be to access the future wonders of the science and technology of health and wellbeing.
  • If you are already of ‘advanced or older’ years (as currently defined and perceived), then a SuperAger Life can not only enrich your life now and help you live longer, healthier, happier and more youthfully from now – it can also help you to better address and manage any of the potential current challenges of ageing/older years