4 Common Causes of Alcoholism in Adults

The World Health Organization has an increasing concern about alcohol-related accidents and harmful actions for adults, because of the increasing number of adults exceeding the recommended amount of alcohol intake that sometimes leads to addiction.

Moderate alcohol consumption may actually reduce cardiovascular diseases and the possible risk of diabetes. But, heavy drinking was linked to nervous system damage, liver diseases, mood disorders, and dehydration.

Common Causes of Alcohol Addiction 

Addiction is a brain illness when someone has compulsive substance cravings despite its harmful side effects. It is also hard to stop them even though they are aware that it has a detrimental effect on their health and life. 

1 • Drink for pleasure 

A common reason for drinking alcohol is for pleasure but if you keep having a hangover, drinking longer than you plan and more than the recommended amount it can lead to addiction. 

2 • To stay attentive at work or being around other people

This is another reason why people start to drink alcohol. Since alcohol can help our body release endorphins to feel relaxed and euphoric, some working adults tend to drink often to stay active. 

3 • To make them feel better or less stressed

At first, when you drink alcohol it has an effect that reduces your fears and removes your inhibitions. It can make you feel relaxed and can boost your mood. Because of this, some stressed adults tend to drink often until such time they can’t control their intakes leading to addiction. 

4 • Peer Pressure

Like any addiction, peer pressure is one of the common reasons why people try substances such as alcohol. If left uncontrolled it leads them to addiction. 

Alcoholism Management 

It is very important that a person with alcohol addiction accepts and realizes the problem. They should also be aware of the withdrawal symptoms like sweating, tremors, stomach issues, and anxiety to set expectations. Set a schedule of drinking per day and reducing the intake gradually. Also, a support group plays also an important role to make them feel supported on their battle in quitting alcoholism.

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