About SuperAger World

What is SuperAger World?

SuperAger World is a global, inspirational, brand and tribe, empowering healthy & happy longevity and a meaningful, full value, fulfilled life. We provide a unique, dynamic and multi-faceted global platform (knowledge, services & market place), practically integrating online & real-world, evidence-based knowledge, learning and expertise together with goods, services, events, experiences & community – all focused on driving a healthy and happy SuperAger life. Our philanthropic Foundation will also benefit the wider population and our planet.

Do you want to:

  • Live Healthier
  • Live Happier
  • Live Younger
  • Live Longer (based on maintaining an optimally Healthy & Happy life)
  • Live Wealthier

Then SuperAger World is for you

Optimise Your Life!

Lifespans have been increasing but our ‘health spans’ have not been keeping pace.

The world’s population is living short of optimal healthy & happy longevity, fulfilment & quality of life.

Many people’s financial wellbeing is also under strain, especially as we live longer.

There is another way – the SuperAger World way.

A SuperAger is anyone who chooses to:

  • Transcend age, as defined by a number
  • Actively and skilfully apply positive-ageing tools and techniques
  • Optimise physical, mental & emotional health, happiness & quality of life
  • Live Longer (based on maintaining an optimally Healthy & Happy life)
  • Take full advantage of the amazing opportunities to live longer and in greater health
  • Add ‘Life to your Years’, not just ‘years to your life’
  • Live as a SuperAger !

The Benefits of being a SuperAger

Anyone, of any age, can be a SuperAger. It doesn’t matter at what age you start… and the earlier you start, the further you can go!

Living as a SuperAger brings immense general benefit in three mutually supportive areas:

Health & Wellbeing… …Now… …And for the Future!!

Immediate benefits, to every day of life, from the moment you start to apply the knowledge and skills.

These benefits (extending from enhanced health & wellbeing to greater happiness, success and quality of life) start to accrue from whatever age you start to live as a SuperAger, and become cumulatively stronger

Whatever your age, you can start to optimise your health, wellbeing, longevity, finances and happiness right now; all empowering you to ever greater quality of life.

Pro-actively optimise health & wellbeing, reduce risk factors of poor health, especially in later life and also manage any existing health challenges

Place yourself in a much stronger position to reap the rewards of the future; both ‘what’s around the corner’ and what is envisaged over the next decades.

The healthier, more youthful and ‘switched on’ you are now, and as you age, the better able you’ll be to access the future wonders of the science and technology of health and wellbeing.

Every SuperAger World resource you access and apply is multi-faceted and has multiple benefits – each resource supports a SuperAger Life in many different ways.

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