Founder Member Invite

Special Invitation

Do you want to be part of something very special, that will provide you with significant life-long benefits? We’re looking for persons who think in 3D, beyond just themselves, and beyond just the now and who recognise a unique opportunity when they see it.

We’re inviting just 1500 people to be Founder Members of SuperAger World – individuals with vision, of all ages, who have ideas and insights that can help influence our emphasis and projects over time. People who themselves want to live healthier, happier, younger and longer – and who also recognise how the facility for better health for ALL will make for a better world. Those who are aware that globally-connected, socially conscious groups, can support nurturing environments and be a force for Global Good (for people, animals, environment and our planet).

  • Empowerment to live Healthier, Happier, Younger & Longer
  • Part of a growing global social network (on-line & real-life)
  • Help enable a ‘SuperAger Movement’ and powerful voice, with strong ethics and values – to drive a better society, and a better world
  • and while you’re at it – win up to £10,000 (or local currency equivalent)*

SuperAger World is a Life, Health & Longevity platform and the key to unlocking a future of healthy, happy, younger and longer life – and fulfilled lifestyle. Unique to our platform, we’re bringing together experts and a wealth of evidence-based knowledge to provide our members with health and longevity-promoting opportunities. We’re also creating a platform for accessible-to-all personalised health & longevity, plus new portals for wellbeing and positive mental health. We’ll be putting in front of the world life-bettering services that cannot otherwise gain a toe-hold within our creaking global healthcare systems and creating a service-by-merit system where we can help deliver excellent options for health, wellbeing and longevity now and into a longer future. We’re also creating a platform of inspirational lifestyle content, together with a raft of fulfilling, global events, experiences and adventures, plus an ethical market platform of thousands of money-saving deals. This is just the beginning, with much more to come.

Healthier Happier Younger Longer
Enabling stronger and optimal physical and mental health and pro-active healthcare Wealth of proven techniques and knowledge that can drive greater wellbeing, emotional health and happiness Evidence-based knowledge to help you slow, and even reverse the ageing process Empowering healthier longer life and strengthening potential for significantly longer lifespans
New services & options for better development of health, wellbeing and longevity, including analysis, recommendations, services & profound ‘know-how’ – all at the touch of a button

As an Influencer & Inspirational SuperAger World Founder Member, you can choose to:

  • Enjoy a ‘seat at the table’ and be a valued member of our SuperAger World Think Tank.
  • With your Founder Member ‘SuperVoice’, give your input and help us envision our global projects (for the SuperAger World community and wider society, including via our planned philanthropic SuperAger Foundation – you’ll be excited by what we already have in mind)
  • Get involved – should you wish – to bring to life areas of focus that are ‘really up your street’, and resonate with your ethos and experience
  • Form Special Groups with other Founder Members where you share a mission, vision or special interest, facilitated and supported within our platform

There is a small investment associated with becoming a Founder Member, which will be directed fully to the next stage of the SuperAger World vision. You will see below the huge and lifelong array of benefits deriving from that investment – the cost for ALL of this, and more to come, is just £200 – that’s all!

Your Founder Member status will include these personal benefits, amongst others:


Life-time subscriber membership of SuperAger World, including our app and global platform (value of £60 a year), with access to current and planned:

  • Specially-formulated SuperAger Pathways and carefully selected, curated and integrated expert content, all bringing together advancements in science and knowledge designed to optimise Health, Wellbeing & Longevity
  • Thousands of deals and discounts from experts & specialist providers of Health, Wellbeing & Longevity products and services + exclusive deals on finance, leisure, sport, fashion (estimated average annual saving of £3000
  • Special activities and experiences across learning, social, cultural, leisure, etc.
  • A growing worldwide tribe of dynamic SuperAgers
  • Inspirational lifestyle content!


Exclusive entry (strictly for Founder Members only) to win, via a prize draw:

  • 1st prize of £10,000
  • 2nd prize of £7,500
  • 3rd prize of £5,000
  • 10 prizes of £500
  • 47 prizes of £200

This gives you a superb 25:1 chance of your money back and a cash prize of up to £10,000 *


In addition

  • One of our many brand partners, Lighthouse Group, a leading provider of financial services, will provide a free 1:1 financial health check (value of £150) to our Founder Members (open to UK residents only)
  • You can enjoy exclusive Founder Member Only events (social, leisure, learning, travel etc.) – and you can bring a Plus One (family/friend)!
  • We will have an exclusive Founder Member Events & Experiences Group where you can propose ideas and suggestions for events & experiences exclusive to the group.
  • You get priority booking on all SuperAger World events

We have a stunning vision for SuperAger World and a wonderful team working to bring this to fruition. We believe this will bring genuine benefit to you, to many millions around the world and indeed the planet itself. We’ve already launched version 1.0 of the app, with a wealth of content, plus lots of deals and discounts. Behind the scenes we’re working steadfastly on taking the SuperAger Platform to a whole new level. We have big plans for the future and this is your opportunity to play a valued part in creating that future and reap lots of benefit personally.

We want you with us, so please come and join us, be part of the SuperAger Tribe and our exciting journey. AS A SUPERAGER YOU CAN NOW REALLY MAKE A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

To Become a Founder Member

Thank you

Stuart Bold, Teena Bates & Ian Harvey, Co-Founders, SuperAger World

*Terms and Conditions apply