Founder – Stuart Bold

For 25+ years, Stuart has been an international practitioner, teacher & coach, enhancing the health, wellbeing (physical, mental & emotional), longevity & youthfulness, performance (professional & personal), happiness and overall quality of life of his clients.

For over 10 years, Stuart has worked as a Visiting Master for some of the world’s top destination spas, including SHA Wellness Clinic (world’s No. 1 Clinical Spa); Six Senses (Zighy Bay, Oman), Chiva-Som, Thailand and LifeCo, Bodrum. He has also worked as an appointed expert with:

  • Quintessentially, Q Elite and Q Education
  • Healing Holidays
  • Wellbeing Escapes
  • Destination Spa Management

Stuart’s global work encompasses private clients; leading businesses & business leaders; NHS Trusts; clinics; health professionals; charities; schools; researchers and world-leading universities and Prince Charles’ Foundation for Integrated Health.

Stuart’s focus is on the professional teaching of modern, straightforward, practical and evidence-based integrated health practices that empower his clients to tangibly improve and enhance healthy and happy longevity, wellbeing ad quality of life.

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