Top 10 Life Benefits of a SuperAger life

1. Live Younger

  • Slow the cellular process of ageing
  • Reduce risk factors for premature ageing
  • Increase levels of energy & vitality
  • Increase the appearance of greater youthfulness

2. Live Longer

The research shows that we can, at any age:

  • Increase our lifespan and longevity
  • Add years onto our lives just by adopting certain lifestyle practices
  • Reduce risk factors for premature ageing
  • Reduce risk factors for ‘all-cause’ death

There is also an immense amount of research, money and time being invested into extending life, slowing, even reversing ageing and the predictions of science for what could be ‘just around the corner’ are stunning.

3. Enhanced Physical Health

By bringing into your life, in simple & easy ways, SuperAger World knowledge and skills, you have the ability to:

  • Improve your physical health – no matter where you start from !
  • Improve heart health & cardiovascular health
  • Improve strength, mobility, balance and muscular-skeletal health
  • Improve energy & vitality
  • Manage weight
  • Reduce risk factors for the ‘diseases of ageing’
  • Even improve your sex-life

4. Stronger Mental health

SuperAger World life skills & knowledge can help you:

  • Improve brainpower, including memory (working and long-term memory), focus, concentration, decision-making etc
  • Reduce and better manage stress, anxiety and worry
  • Reduce risk factors for cognitive decline and neurological issues
  • Improved sleep
  • Strengthen mental resilience

5. Wellbeing & Happiness

Some of the proven benefits include:

  • Greater levels of happiness & fulfilment
  • Overall better quality of life
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved relationships
  • Enhanced Emotional Intelligence
  • Improved performance (personal & professional) and success
  • Benefits that spread to those around you; family, friends, colleagues

6. An enhanced life now AND into the future

Every element of a SuperAger World life empowers you to immediately state to improve your life and it brings multiple benefits that extend into your longer, younger, healthier and happier life. The benefits are cumulative and they get stronger and stronger, and spread into more and more areas of your life, the more you live a SuperAger World life. Also, the earlier you start, the further you can go – and, it does not matter at what age you start.

7. Anticipation & Readiness

Being a SuperAger is absolutely about enhancing and optimising your life now (your physical, mental & emotional health, your wellbeing & happiness, your success & fulfilment etc.). It is also, for those that choose, the means for you to live longer & healthier, so that you are in the very best position to reap the amazing benefits and rewards that are being predicted by science for the years and decades to come. The more you are living a SuperAger World life now, the more you ready you will be to go even further into the future, with all it may hold.

8. A world of experiences

A core driver of wellbeing, positive ageing and SuperAger World living is being an ‘experiencer’. Expanding your horizons, sometimes expanding and going beyond comfort levels, having fun, learning different things, experiencing life as fully as you can, socialising, doing new things – these are all essential aspects for living a SuperAger Life. Enabling access to a pool of global experiences, in the company of like-minded SuperAgers is one of the resources we are continuing to build and make available to SuperAgers. We hope that as you dip your toe into various experiences, make new friends, expand your social networks and make new memories to share with others, your appetite for being a SuperAger ‘experiencer’ will increase.

9. SuperAger Life communities

Social networks and communities are also essential components of a SuperAger World life and healthy, positive, ageing. Being a SuperAger ‘experiencer’ can be done solo, but it is normally much more fun if the experience is shared with others. Just living life, day to day, is richer when shared with others – and it is proven to be highly beneficial to our physical, mental and emotional health. So, we also aim to create and facilitate lots of SuperAger World life groups and communities, around the world – we hope you can join us.

10. Multi –faceted and multi-level benefits

One of the marvellous outcomes of living a SuperAger World life is that there are so many benefits and so much of SuperAger World life skills, knowledge, learning, experiences etc. are mutually supportive and multi-faceted. The SuperAger World life skills that drive physical health support emotional health; the skills that empower happiness support physical & emotional health; the skills that enhance cognitive function and brain power, also drive happiness & success; the knowledge and skills that drive longer & younger life also drive better health and wellbeing – the list goes on.

Written by Stuart Bold
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